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Our offer

  • 24-hour service of transportation of the body from the place of demise.
  • The international transport of the deceased.
  • Complex and professional services of organising funerals with the use of modern technology.
  • A wide range of coffins, cremation urns and funeral supplies.
  • A variety of funeral clothing, mourning clothes, leather accessories and other funeral wear items.
  • The sale of funeral wreaths, bouquets and candles.
  • Musical setting ( trumpet, violin, organs ) and taking photos.
  • Organising a wake, a reception after the funeral service, ( transport the guests to the venue ).
  • Cremations.
  • Exhumations.
  • Building a tomb.
  • Preparing and delivering funeral speeches.
  • Grave attendance service throught the year (you can order this service on-line).
  • Renting wheelchairs for a funeral.
  • Legal support and psychological care.



Funeral Service

+48 721 480 077

+48 601 885 274

+48 68 360 93 47